What Equipment Do I Need To Open A Pizza Shop

Everyone loves pizza. Because it is an amazing creation by man. Do you know making a pizza is much more difficult as compared to eating it on Saturday night? Therefore, every new pizza shop is looking for high-quality equipment so that they can prepare pizzas quickly.   

On this page, you can read about the premium quality equipment that is needed to open a pizza shop. These tools are helping and listed by experienced pizza shop owners. So you don’t worry about their credibility and durability. 

A List Of Must-Have Pizzeria Equipment To Simplify Your Life

1. The Dough Mixer

First, get a dough mixer for your pizza shop. These mixers are tough and made of stainless steel. They make sure you always have enough dough and ingredients. They come with big mixing bowls, tools, and attachments for handling lots of dough. The right one for you depends on what you need. If your place serves lots of pizza to many people, a heavy-duty mixer is best.

Now, there are two types: spiral and planetary. Each has its good points, and we’ll talk about them below. You might need one or both, depending on what you’re cooking and how busy your place is.

2. Commercial Pizzeria Oven

A pizza place needs good pizza ovens. The right one makes your staff work faster and serves more pizzas. Deck ovens, conveyors, and brick ovens are common choices. Pick based on how busy you’ll be and the type of pizza you want to make.

Conveyor ovens are the quickest. If you want a cool pizza spot, go for brick-and-deck ovens. But using them needs some skill and know-how from your team. Even though these ovens are for pizza, they can do other things, making your pizza-making process more flexible.

3. The Prep Tables

What’s the must-have for a pizza place? The assembly table! It’s a commercial pizza prep table that combines storage and prep in one spot for quicker pizza-making. These tables have chilled top and bottom sections. The regular prep tables can hold 6 to 24 steel pans in two rows, which is great for toppings. Mega top ones can store even more pans, perfect for places with lots of toppings.

They also come with a big cutting board near the chilled pans for easy access. Solid hoods cover the pans when not in use, and if you make pizzas on the spot, glass lids are an option. The fridge part of these tables can have one or up to four sections, with doors, drawers, or a mix of both. Sizes and capacities vary, so pick based on how much pizza you make and the toppings you offer. Get the right pizza prep table for your place!

4. Pizza Boxes

If you’re giving out pizzas to go, you’ll need printed pizza boxes. And it’s even better if these boxes can be recycled or broken down naturally. Customers care about reducing food and packaging waste, so not offering eco-friendly pizza boxes might put you behind in the competition.

5. Walk In Freezer

Big fridges and freezers called walk-ins are like the main storage hub for cold stuff in your pizza place. They’re the first stop for your ingredients before your team grabs them from the smaller fridges. These are great for places that get a lot of food deliveries.

You can set up these walk-ins in your kitchen or get ready-made ones. Custom ones are made just for your pizza needs, while ready-made ones come in set sizes you can add to and change as your pizza place grows.

You can put walk-ins inside or outside your building. You can choose a self-contained system with a compressor on the side or top for indoor ones. Pick based on your kitchen space and surroundings.

6. Pizza Racks

After making your pizzas, they need a break before cooking. Even if you have big ovens, not all pizzas can go in right away. That’s where pizza racks come in. They’re super important because they assume your pizza place will get busier, and you’ll need a spot to stack up the pies.

You can’t store all the pizzas in a fridge, so having a good-sized pizza rack near the oven helps with easy handling. If your kitchen is small, a wheel rack is an option. You only bring it out when you have big orders. If your pizza place mostly does deliveries, a smaller rack is enough, considering how many online orders you get in a day.

Other than what’s listed, you’ll also need the right knives, a display case, sinks, and a first aid kit. Once you have all these in place, your pizza spot is good to go. Remember to pick quality equipment that lasts long and stays strong.

7. Pizza Plates

If you decide to serve pizzas on plates, use special pizza plates. They make it easy to get to the pizza, unlike regular plates that might trap it. Nobody wants to struggle with a knife and fork to eat pizza from a plate.

Here’s a tip: your pizza plates don’t have to be super fancy. Many people like white plates because they highlight the food’s quality. That’s the reaction you want from your customers.

8. Pizza Wheel Cutters

Pizzas are on the table, but are you done? Not really. Using a normal knife can be messy. You might lose toppings or make the pizza look bad. Pizza wheel cutters are like the final touch for a good pizza experience. Don’t forget to add them to your list of pizza tools.

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