Top Essential Features of Food Delivery Mobile App for 2024

The rising popularity of food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Talabat, and Grubhub has raised the demand for food ordering app development companies. Businesses are going digital in this tech-driven era to target a wide range of potential customers. Restaurants and prominent business persons have started investing in food delivery app development to be able to serve a wider area. Here are some fun facts 

  • It is noticed that around 60% of Americans order food online at least once a week.
  • The demand for food delivery app development services is anticipated to reach $266.05 billion by 2027, with a projected CAGR of 24.64%
  • Top food delivery applications like Shipt and Instacart have witnessed a hike in daily downloads by 124% and 218%, respectively.

Features of Food Delivery Mobile Application

If the facts, stats, and industry growth have excited you to invest in food delivery app development, here is a list of features you should include in your food delivery application to outperform the competition.

Smart Search

People hate spending hours searching and ordering food. Therefore, it becomes necessary to integrate smart search filters in the food delivery app to help customers find an excellent restaurant to order food. Using the smart search filters, a user can easily choose the best restaurant by evaluating them through ratings, delivery time, location, food type, and preferences.

Push Notifications

Most people have two or more food delivery apps installed on their smart devices. Therefore, the push notification feature can be used to attain visibility and seek the user’s attention. The user can be informed about the latest offers, deals, and delivery status of their order through push notifications. Thus, instruct your preferred food delivery app development company to integrate this feature.

Real-time GPS tracking

It is one of the essential features of food delivery applications as it enables users to track their food orders in real time. It also helps the food delivery app to track the location of the users and deliver their food to their doorstep conveniently. The top food delivery app development companies ensure adding this function to enable businesses to serve a better experience to their customers.

Secure Payments

Most people have switched to online payment as it is more convenient and fast. Thus, ensure to ask your on-demand food delivery app development service provider to add a secure payment gateway for your customers.

Voice Integration

In this modern era, people prefer smart assistants like Siri and Google Assistant to call someone, play music, order food online, etc. Thus, integrating such features is a wise decision. It allows the users to place an order hassle-free from the food delivery app. The leading food delivery applications like GrubHub let users repeat an order through Alexa.

Coupons and Rewards

One of the best options to seek the potential customer’s attention is to offer coupons and rewards. Most food delivery apps offer their users coupons, rewards, and discounts to retain them for a longer period. A significant brand like Starbucks has witnessed an 80% hike in sales right after launching a loyalty program.

Review and Ratings

Once a customer has placed an order and received it, he/she should be able to give feedback. The reviews and ratings a customer drops will benefit the food delivery app to recommend and list restaurants accordingly. Even the new customers would be able to evaluate the food and service quality of the restaurant and make orders.

How Much Does Food Delivery App Development Cost?

Defining the food delivery app development cost is impossible as it hinges on multiple factors like app features, developer’s origin, tech stack, app complexity, etc. However, the two chief factors deciding the development cost are the location of the food delivery app development company and the time required for on-demand food delivery app development.

The formula to calculate the food delivery app development cost is to multiply developers per hour charges by the number of hours required for developing a food delivery application. Check out the table below to get an idea about the charges of a developer country-wise. To get further assistance, prefer getting in touch with an Indian-based company like Octal IT Solution along with your requirements.

Country: Charges Per Hour

Australia: $80 to $180

U.S.A: $80 to $160

Russia: $50 to $150:

Ukraine: $40 to $100

India: $20 to $50


Restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, and prominent business people are investing in food delivery app development to build robust and innovative applications. Hire mobile app developers to build a custom food-ordering app. If you also look forward to developing such an application, ensure adding all the features mentioned above in your application offers your customers a better experience.

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