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18 Best Responses to “I Am Flattered”

Responding to someone who expresses that they’re flattered can be a delightful exchange, whether it’s in the context of a compliment or an invitation. Crafting a witty and genuine response adds a touch of charm and shows your appreciation. Here are 18 of the best responses that can help you navigate such conversations with style and grace: When someone tells you they’re flattered, it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your wit and appreciation. Here are 18 responses that will help you navigate these situations with charm and authenticity:

  1. “Your words really made my day!”
  2. “I’m blushing a little now, thank you!”
  3. “Well, I must say, you have great taste!”
  4. “Flattery will get you everywhere!”
  5. “I’m honored to hear that, thank you!”
  6. “You’re too kind, thank you so much!”
  7. “Wow, that really put a smile on my face!”
  8. “I appreciate your kind words!”
  9. “You’ve just made me feel on top of the world!”
  10. “Coming from you, that means a lot!”
  11. “I’m glad I could bring a little positivity!”
  12. “Well, now you’ve made me blush!”
  13. “Thank you for the boost of confidence!”
  14. “You’ve got a way with words – thank you!”
  15. “I’m flattered that you think so highly of me!”
  16. “You’ve made my day with your sweet words!”
  17. “I’m humbled by your kind thoughts, thank you!”
  18. “Your appreciation warms my heart, thank you!”

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“Your words truly brightened my day. Thank you!”

Express gratitude while acknowledging the positive impact of their compliment.

“A hint of blush and a big thank you for your kind words!”

Blend humor with appreciation to show how much their flattery means to you.

“Well, clearly you have impeccable taste! Thank you!”

Playfully acknowledge their good judgment and show gratitude.

“Flattery like this might just make my head spin!”

Inject a touch of humor to show you’re genuinely delighted.

“Being honored by your kind words is truly special. Thank you!”

Express your gratitude and acknowledge the uniqueness of their compliment.

“You’re too kind, and I’m genuinely grateful!”

Keep it simple and genuine while showing appreciation for their words.

“Your words have a knack for bringing smiles. Thank you!”

Acknowledge their positive impact with a dash of charm.

“I’m really appreciative of your kind sentiment!”

Express your gratitude and keep the focus on their thoughtfulness.

“Your words just lifted me up a notch – thank you!”

Acknowledge the boost in your spirits while thanking them.

“Coming from you, that means a lot. Thank you!”

Highlight their significance while expressing appreciation.

“Spreading positivity is my goal – glad it’s working!”

Show how their compliment aligns with your intentions.

“Well, now I’m sporting a happy blush, thanks to you!”

Playfully acknowledge the effect of their words on you.

“Your words just added an extra dose of confidence. Thank you!”

Acknowledge the boost in your self-esteem and express gratitude.

“Your eloquence with compliments is truly a gift. Thank you!”

Appreciate their ability to convey kind thoughts with finesse.

“I’m truly touched that you think so highly of me. Thank you!”

Show humility while expressing sincere thanks for their sentiment.

“You turned my day around with your sweet words. Thank you!”

Highlight their positive impact on your mood while thanking them.

“Your kind words remind me why connections matter. Thank you!”

Express gratitude and acknowledge the value of meaningful interactions.

“Your appreciation warms my heart. Thank you for making my day!”

Show how their compliment has touched you on an emotional level.


Responding to “I am flattered” with creativity and sincerity enhances the positivity of the moment. These 18 responses offer a range of ways to express your gratitude while infusing a touch of charm, humor, or humility. Remember, genuine interactions are key to building meaningful connections, so use these responses to add a personal touch to your conversations.


1. What does it mean when someone says, “I am flattered”?

When someone says they’re flattered, they’re expressing that they feel honored, pleased, or complimented by something you’ve said or done.

2. How should I respond to “I am flattered” when receiving a compliment?

You can respond with gratitude and humility, saying something like, “Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.”

3. Is it important to respond to someone who says they’re flattered?

Responding shows appreciation and acknowledges the positive impact of your words or actions, which can strengthen relationships.

4. What are some creative ways to respond to “I am flattered”?

You can reply with humor, like “Flattery will get you everywhere!” or with genuine appreciation, such as “Your kind words truly made my day.”

5. Can I respond to “I am flattered” with a joke?

Absolutely, as long as the joke is lighthearted and appropriate for the situation. It can add a touch of humor to the interaction.

6. How can I respond to “I am flattered” without sounding arrogant?

Focus on humility and appreciation in your response. For instance, “I’m genuinely honored by your kind words.”

7. Is it okay to reciprocate the sentiment when someone says they’re flattered by me?

Yes, you can say something like, “Likewise, your thoughtfulness always brings a smile to my face.”

8. What’s a graceful way to respond if I genuinely don’t feel flattered?

Express gratitude without being insincere. For example, “Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

9. Can I use humor to respond to “I am flattered” in a professional context?

It’s best to gauge the situation. Light humor can work if you have a comfortable rapport with the person.

10. How can I respond to “I am flattered” in a romantic context?

Acknowledge the sentiment with sincerity. You might say, “Your words mean a lot to me, too.”

11. Is it appropriate to ask why someone is flattered when they say it?

While it might be okay in certain contexts, it’s generally better to focus on your response rather than probing into their feelings.

12. What if I feel overwhelmed when someone says they’re flattered by me?

Acknowledge your feelings while expressing gratitude, like “I’m touched by your words, thank you.”

13. Can I respond to “I am flattered” with a compliment in return?

Certainly, if it’s sincere. A balanced exchange of compliments can enhance the positive interaction.

14. How can I respond to “I am flattered” when someone thanks me for a favor?

Express your pleasure in helping and say, “I’m glad I could assist, your appreciation means a lot.”

15. What’s a good response to “I am flattered” when someone admires my work?

You might say, “Thank you, it’s truly rewarding to know my work is appreciated.”

16. How can I respond to “I am flattered” when someone values my opinion?

Show appreciation for their trust by saying, “Thank you, I’m honored that you value what I have to say.”

17. How can I make my response to “I am flattered” more personal?

Reference a specific aspect of their compliment, like “Your words about my presentation really made my day.”

18. Is it okay to express surprise when someone says they’re flattered by me?

Yes, if it’s genuine. You might say, “I’m pleasantly surprised by your kind words, thank you.”

19. Can I respond to “I am flattered” with a brief and sincere acknowledgment?

Absolutely, a simple “Thank you, I appreciate that” can convey your gratitude.

20. How can I respond to “I am flattered” in a way that leaves a positive impression?

Acknowledge their compliment with authenticity and warmth. Your response should reflect your genuine gratitude for their kind words.

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