Mikasa Ackerman Height, Age, Birthday, and Main Rule

Attribute Measurement
Height 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Age Varies (see below)
Birthday February 10
Main Rule Protect Eren at all costs

In the expansive realm of anime, few characters command the attention and admiration that Mikasa Ackerman does. Hailing from the popular series “Attack on Titan,” Mikasa is not only a skilled warrior but also a character surrounded by intrigue. In this article, we delve into various aspects of Mikasa’s persona, exploring details about her height, age, birthday, and the main rule that governs her existence within the storyline.

Mikasa Ackerman: A Brief Overview

Before delving into the specifics, let’s paint a broad stroke of who Mikasa Ackerman is. Created by Hajime Isayama, “Attack on Titan” is a dystopian world where humanity resides within enormous walled cities to protect themselves from humanoid creatures known as Titans. Mikasa, one of the central characters, is portrayed as a fiercely loyal and formidable warrior with exceptional combat skills.

Mikasa’s Height

Mikasa Ackerman stands out not only for her strength and determination but also for her physical stature. Standing at 170 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches), Mikasa is a commanding presence on the battlefield. This height contributes to her imposing figure, adding to the overall impact of her character. The juxtaposition of her relatively tall stature against the towering Titans creates a visually striking element in the anime.

Mikasa’s Age and Birthday

Mikasa’s age is a topic that requires a nuanced explanation due to the peculiar timeline within “Attack on Titan.” Without giving away too many spoilers, the series features a time skip, and different arcs showcase Mikasa at various stages of her life. Her age evolves alongside the plot, making it essential to consider the timeline when discussing her age.

As of her initial introduction in the series, Mikasa is around 15 years old. However, it’s crucial to note that her age progresses as the narrative unfolds. Her birthday, on the other hand, is a fixed point in time—February 10. Fans often celebrate this date as a tribute to the character who has become an iconic symbol of strength and loyalty in the anime community.

The Main Rule: Protecting Eren at All Costs

Mikasa’s character is deeply entwined with the fate of Eren Yeager, another central figure in “Attack on Titan.” The main rule that governs Mikasa’s actions and decisions revolves around her unyielding commitment to protect Eren at all costs. This intense loyalty stems from a traumatic event in Mikasa’s childhood, forging a bond between the two characters that transcends ordinary camaraderie.

This rule not only defines Mikasa’s character but also serves as a driving force for many plot developments within the series. The complexity of her emotions and the lengths to which she goes to fulfill this rule add layers to Mikasa’s character, making her one of the most compelling and dynamic figures in the anime.

Exploring Mikasa’s Character Development

Beyond the numerical details of height, age, and birthday, Mikasa’s character development is a fascinating journey. From the early episodes that depict her as a skilled but reserved warrior to later arcs where her emotions and convictions come to the forefront, Mikasa undergoes significant growth. Her character arc explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the consequences of a world besieged by Titans.

One aspect that resonates with fans is Mikasa’s internal struggle. While she is an unparalleled force on the battlefield, her emotional battles and internal conflicts add a human touch to her character. This duality—her strength in combat and vulnerability in matters of the heart—creates a character that transcends the typical anime archetype.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Mikasa’s role in “Attack on Titan”?

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Attack on Titan.” She is a skilled warrior and the adoptive sister of Eren Yeager, the protagonist. Mikasa’s primary role is to protect Eren and navigate the challenges posed by the Titan-infested world.

2. How does Mikasa’s age change throughout the series?

Mikasa’s age evolves throughout the series due to a time skip. Initially introduced as a 15-year-old, her age progresses as the storyline unfolds. It’s essential to pay attention to the timeline of events to understand her age at different points in the narrative.

3. What is the significance of Mikasa’s birthday?

Mikasa’s birthday, February 10, is a fixed point in the series. While it holds no direct impact on the plot, fans often celebrate this date as a way to express their appreciation for the character. It serves as a reminder of Mikasa’s enduring presence in the “Attack on Titan” community.

4. Why is protecting Eren her main rule?

The main rule of protecting Eren at all costs stems from a traumatic event in Mikasa’s past. This event forged a deep bond between the two characters, shaping Mikasa’s identity and motivations. The commitment to this rule adds complexity to her character and drives many key plot developments.


In conclusion, Mikasa Ackerman’s character is a tapestry woven with unique traits, from her imposing height to the ever-evolving aspects of her age and the steadfast rule that defines her existence. As “Attack on Titan” draws to a close, Mikasa remains a symbol of strength, loyalty, and the enduring spirit of humanity in the face of insurmountable challenges. Whether on the battlefield or in the depths of her emotions, Mikasa Ackerman stands tall, a titan among characters.

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