How to See Who Blocked you on Instagram [practically]

Oh no! I’m in agony over this! I need to find out if this person blocked me or deleted my account. Hey stagehubs, can you assist me in figuring out how to see who blocked me on Instagram?

This is the query posed recently by an Instagram user on our Instagram handle. Given our extensive experience as Instagram users and our past role in the Instagram support team, we’re here to provide practical recommendations on how to identify if someone has blocked you on Instagram. No need to look further; this article has all the information you need, complete with screenshots for better clarity.

This detailed guide explores various methods to determine whether someone has blocked you on Instagram.

How to Verify If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

  1. Search for the User
    • Open the Instagram app and enter the suspected user’s username in the search bar.
    • If their profile appears in the search results, they haven’t blocked you.
  2. Check the Profile
    • Click on their profile from the search results.
    • If you can see their profile, including username, bio, posts, followers, and followings, you’re not blocked. If it displays “User Not Found” or an error message, you’re likely blocked.
  3. Look for Mutual Friends
    • If you share mutual friends, ask them to check the profile. If they can view it, but you can’t, it suggests you’ve been blocked.
  4. Check Previous Conversations
    • If you’ve chatted before, try finding the conversation. If it’s still visible, you might not be blocked. If it’s disappeared, it could indicate a block.
  5. Inspect Comments and Likes
    • Review posts where the user interacted. If their comments and likes are visible, you’re likely not blocked. If not, they might have blocked you.
  6. Try the Alternate Account Method
    • Use another Instagram account to search for the suspected user. If visible on the alternate account but not on your main account, you may have been blocked.
  7. Check for “No Way to Communicate”
    • Blocked users can’t send direct messages. If your message doesn’t deliver or lacks a “Seen” notification, you might be blocked.

My Personal Recommendations

If, after following the above steps, you still can’t find or initiate a chat with the person, it strongly indicates they may have blocked you. Compiling a complete list of people who blocked you on Instagram is practically impossible; you’ll have to use the mentioned methods.

My Favourite Way to See Who Blocked You On Insta

One of my preferred methods requires knowing their Instagram username. Create their profile link and open it in incognito mode. If the profile picture and username show up, their account is active, indicating a block.


Determining if someone blocked you on Instagram is tricky due to the lack of explicit notifications. However, following the methods outlined in this guide provides clarity. Respect others’ boundaries and privacy on social media, and if someone blocks you, move forward positively, remembering to interact with respect and kindness.

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