How to Add Category or Profession To Instagram Bio [instantly]

Here’s a tutorial on seamlessly adding tags to your Instagram bio, exploring various methods to enhance your profile’s versatility.

Instagram bios are dynamic, allowing changes to tags, texts, or links, including revisiting old ones. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on incorporating your profession into your Instagram bio.

How to Add a Category to Your Instagram Bio:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your profile at the bottom.
  3. Select “Edit Profile.”
  4. If the category option is unavailable, switch your account to a professional one, the only way to add any category on Instagram.
  5. Tap the category option. If it’s not visible, switch your account to a professional one.
  6. Tap the search bar and search for your preferred category.
  7. Choose the Bio category and tap the tick on the top right.
  8. Tap “Save” to apply the changes.

This method is considered the best for incorporating a tag into your Instagram bio as the account category.

For those wondering how to find an Instagram bio tag:

  1. Open the edit menu and select the category option.
  2. Tap the search bar, search for your preferred tag, and tap when found.
  3. Finally, tap the blue tick on the top right to save changes.

Alternate Method to Add Category/Tag to Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Select “Edit Profile.”
  4. Add any desired tag to your bio.
  5. Save the changes.

This simple alternative method allows you to add a category tag directly to your Instagram profile.

List of Instagram Category For Bio

With this tutorial, you can add any of the given categories to the Instagram bio:

  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Athlete
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Automotive, Aircraft, and Boat
  • Beauty, Cosmetic and Personal Care
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Legal
  • Local Service
  • Media/News Company
  • Medical and Health
  • Non-Government Organization
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Public and Government Services
  • Real Estate
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Armed Forces
  • Charity Organization
  • Community Service
  • Country Club / Clubhouse
  • Environmental Conservation Organization
  • Labor Union
  • Private Members Club
  • Religious Organization
  • Social Club
  • Sorority and Fraternity
  • Sports Club
  • Youth Organization
  • Art
  • Book and Magazine
  • Music
  • Show
  • TV and Movies
  • ATM
  • Campus Building
  • City Infrastructure
  • Landmark and Historical Places
  • Locality
  • Meeting Room
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Public Toilet
  • Religious Place of Worship
  • Residence
  • Brand
  • Cause
  • Just for Fun
  • Public Figure
  • Model
  • Writer

Explore a wide range of categories, from Advertising/Marketing to Arts, Sports, and more. Tailor your Instagram bio to reflect your identity effectively.


This tutorial provides valuable insights into enhancing your Instagram bio. If you found it helpful, consider subscribing using your Instagram ID.

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