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25 Great Excuses to Add Someone on Snapchat

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, Snapchat has become a hub for building connections beyond the boundaries of traditional messaging. While adding someone on Snapchat might seem like a simple action, it can hold myriad possibilities for establishing meaningful relationships that extend beyond the initial introduction. Let’s explore 25 creative excuses that go beyond the ordinary and can spark exciting interactions on this multimedia platform.

25 Great Excuses to Add Someone on Snapchat

  1. Unlocking Digital Connections
  2. Beyond the Initial Introduction
  3. Embracing the Snapchat Realm
  4. Shared Interests and Hobbies
  5. Networking with a Personal Touch
  6. Creating Memorable Connections
  7. Exploring Mutual Friends
  8. Bonding Over Events
  9. Admiring Creative Ventures
  10. Educational Exchange
  11. Pursuing Professional Insights
  12. Supporting Common Causes
  13. Sharing Travel Experiences
  14. Cultural Connections
  15. Collaborative Endeavors
  16. Appreciating Artistic Talent
  17. Connecting Through Humor
  18. Engaging in Challenges
  19. Discussing Shared Passions
  20. Celebrating Milestones
  21. Embracing the Music Scene
  22. Supporting Fitness Goals
  23. Learning New Languages
  24. Exploring Culinary Adventures
  25. Seeking Mentorship and Guidance

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Beyond the Initial Introduction

“Adding on Snapchat” doesn’t have to be limited to the aftermath of a first meeting. It can be a bridge to further communication and shared experiences.

Embracing the Snapchat Realm

Snapchat’s interactive features create opportunities for more dynamic conversations compared to other social platforms.

Shared Interests and Hobbies

Bonding over mutual interests like hiking, cooking, gaming, or even a shared TV show can be the perfect reason to connect on Snapchat.

Networking with a Personal Touch

For professionals, Snapchat can offer a more personal touch to networking, allowing you to showcase your personality beyond a resume.

Creating Memorable Connections

Adding someone on Snapchat can be a step toward forming connections that are remembered beyond a virtual realm.

Exploring Mutual Friends

If you have friends in common, it’s an ideal pretext to connect, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Bonding Over Events

Shared attendance at events, workshops, or conferences can be the catalyst for forming a Snapchat connection.

Admiring Creative Ventures

If you appreciate someone’s artistic pursuits or creative endeavors, Snapchat can offer a platform to admire and share.

Educational Exchange

Snapchat can facilitate knowledge sharing, making it a valuable tool for educational exchanges.

Pursuing Professional Insights

Reaching out to professionals for insights and advice can lead to valuable mentorship opportunities.

Supporting Common Causes

Advocates for similar causes can find common ground on Snapchat and work toward a shared goal.

Sharing Travel Experiences

Discussing travel experiences and sharing snippets of your journeys can spark interesting conversations.

Cultural Connections

Cross-cultural connections thrive on Snapchat, offering a glimpse into different lifestyles and traditions.

Collaborative Endeavors

Snapchat collaborations, from creative projects to fundraisers, can be a fun way to connect.

Appreciating Artistic Talent

If you’re a fan of someone’s artistic talents, Snapchat can be a platform to engage with their work.

Connecting Through Humor

Humor is universal, and sharing amusing snaps can be an enjoyable way to connect.

Engaging in Challenges

Participating in Snapchat challenges together can create a sense of unity.

Discussing Shared Passions

Connecting with someone who shares your passions leads to insightful and enjoyable conversations.

Celebrating Milestones

Milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or personal achievements offer a natural reason to connect.

Embracing the Music Scene

If you’re both music enthusiasts, Snapchat can be a channel to exchange recommendations and concert experiences.

Supporting Fitness Goals

Snapchat can be an encouraging space to share fitness journeys and celebrate progress.

Learning New Languages

Connecting with speakers of another language can be an exciting opportunity to practice and learn.

Exploring Culinary Adventures

Foodies can bond over culinary experiments, recipes, and dining experiences.

Seeking Mentorship and Guidance

Connecting with someone you look up to can lead to mentorship opportunities and personal growth.

Adding someone on Snapchat isn’t just about expanding your contact list—it’s about opening doors to engaging conversations, shared passions, and memorable interactions. The next time you’re pondering a new Snapchat connection, consider these creative excuses to initiate a digital journey that transcends the ordinary and blossoms into something truly extraordinary.


Q1: Why should I add someone on Snapchat?

Adding someone on Snapchat offers a more dynamic and personal way to connect beyond traditional messaging.

Q2: Can I add someone on Snapchat without knowing them in person?

Yes, you can add people you’ve met online or through other platforms, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

Q3: What are some creative excuses to add someone on Snapchat?

Shared interests, mutual friends, networking, and upcoming events are great excuses.

Q4: Is Snapchat just for personal connections?

No, Snapchat can also be used for professional networking, learning, and sharing creative projects.

Q5: How do I use Snapchat to build meaningful connections?

Engage in conversations, share experiences, and showcase your interests through snaps and stories.

Q6: Can I connect with someone on Snapchat before meeting them in person?

Yes, Snapchat can be a way to establish a connection before a face-to-face meeting.

Q7: How can I make my Snapchat connection more meaningful?

Share genuine moments, have open conversations, and show interest in their stories.

Q8: Is it appropriate to add colleagues on Snapchat?

It depends on your workplace culture; ensure the content you share aligns with your professional image.

Q9: How do I initiate a Snapchat connection with a professional contact?

Mention a shared interest, a recent event, or something relevant to your industry.

Q10: What if the person I added on Snapchat doesn’t accept my request?

Don’t take it personally; people have varying comfort levels with social connections.

Q11: How can I avoid coming across as intrusive when adding someone?

Start with a friendly message explaining why you want to connect and expressing your interest.

Q12: Can I unfollow or remove someone on Snapchat if things don’t work out?

Yes, you can unfollow or remove connections at any time without any obligation.

Q13: Is Snapchat safe for networking with strangers?

Use privacy settings wisely and only share content you’re comfortable with strangers seeing.

Q14: Can Snapchat connections lead to real-life friendships or collaborations?

Absolutely, many real friendships and collaborations have originated on Snapchat.

Q15: How can I connect on Snapchat based on shared hobbies?

Mention your shared hobby and propose exchanging snaps related to it.

Q16: Can I add someone on Snapchat based on a mutual friend’s recommendation?

Yes, mutual friends can serve as an introduction and make the connection more comfortable.

Q17: What if I want to add someone purely for casual conversations?

Be upfront about your intentions and ensure both parties are on the same page.

Q18: Can I add someone on Snapchat to discuss professional interests?

Yes, Snapchat can be a casual way to discuss industry topics and exchange insights.

Q19: Is it appropriate to use Snapchat for dating connections?

Some people use Snapchat for dating, but make sure your intentions are clear and respectful.

Q20: How can I maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional connections on Snapchat?

Use lists or custom settings to control who sees your content, keeping your connections organized.

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