Annie Leonhart Height, Age, Birthday, and Main Rule

Unveiling Annie Leonhart: Height, Age, Birthday, and her Pivotal Role in Attack on Titan

In the expansive world of “Attack on Titan,” Annie Leonhart emerges as a complex and enigmatic character. This article provides a detailed exploration of Annie’s height, age, birthday, and the significant role she plays in the series.

Annie Leonhart’s Profile


Standing at an impressive 175 cm (5’9″), Annie Leonhart commands attention with her towering presence. This distinctive height contributes to her formidable and imposing aura, setting her apart in the world of “Attack on Titan.”

Age and Birthday: Annie’s age and birthday add layers to her character. Born on February 6th, she carries the weight of her experiences, and as of [current year], she is [age] years old. Exploring Annie’s age provides insights into the challenges she faced and the choices she made throughout the narrative.

Annie’s Main Rule

Annie’s character arc is marked by complexity and intrigue. Initially introduced as a member of the Military Police Brigade, her main rule takes a dramatic turn when her true allegiance is revealed. Annie’s role evolves into that of the Female Titan, a central figure in the conflicts that shape the narrative.

Details on Main Rule

Annie’s main rule is a pivotal aspect of her character. Initially positioned within the Military Police, her true allegiance lies with the Warriors, a group with a mission that challenges the status quo. As the Female Titan, Annie becomes a key player in the unfolding events, adding layers of mystery and suspense to the storyline.

Table: Annie Leonhart’s Vital Stats

Attribute Details
Height 175 cm (5’9″)
Age [Current Age] years
Birthday February 6th
Main Rule Military Police to Female Titan

Annie’s Role in “Attack on Titan”

Annie’s character is a study in contradictions. From her initial appearance as a disciplined Military Police member to the revelation of her role as the Female Titan, she becomes a symbol of the moral complexities within the series. Annie’s stoicism, combat prowess, and internal conflicts contribute to the intricate tapestry of “Attack on Titan.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How does Annie’s height influence her character dynamics?

A1: Annie’s towering height serves as a physical representation of her imposing presence, enhancing the impact of her character in the series.

Q2: What motivates Annie’s transition from the Military Police to the Female Titan?

A2: Annie’s allegiance shift is driven by a mission assigned by the Warriors, adding layers of intrigue and moral complexity to her character.

Q3: How does Annie’s age impact her character development?

A3: Annie’s age reflects the challenges she faced, contributing to the depth of her character as she navigates the harsh realities of the “Attack on Titan” world.

Q4: What role does Annie play in the overarching narrative of “Attack on Titan”?

A4: As the Female Titan, Annie becomes a central figure, influencing the storyline and contributing to the overarching themes of the series.


Annie Leonhart’s character in “Attack on Titan” is a captivating exploration of contradictions, moral ambiguity, and internal struggles. This article has provided an in-depth look at her height, age, birthday, and the transformative journey of her main rule. As the series unfolds, Annie’s presence continues to shape the destiny of characters within the world of “Attack on Titan.”

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